Kalule Kibisi Cultural Center

Home of the Musical Safari Study Abroad Program

The Kalule Kibisi Cultural Center, named for Samuel’s father, will be the home of the Musical Safari Study abroad program. Musical Safari Study Abroad will bring musicians from all over the world to learn and perform the rich cultural heritage of music from the 65 tribes of Uganda taught by Master Level instructors from all over Uganda.

This is the first building planned as part of our dream of complete restoration and promotion of the village of Kibisi Uganda. Bakka2thsource shares a vision that one day, due to the success of the Kalule Kibisi Cultural Center and the employment opportunities it will provide this now marginal village will have a community well, electricity, employment opportunities and be the future home of a primary school, a clinic, and a church.

We see this once proud village not only restored to it’s former level but also increased to a thriving cultural center that attracts visitors from around the world. The first building featured in our video is well on its way to completion way ahead of schedule.