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The Journey of Ugandan Musicians Documentary

Since the beginning of recorded history in bad times and good, songs, drums, and musicians have played a significant role in the lives of Ugandans. They are a vital source of expression in communication, education, celebration, worship, and mourning.

Although all of Uganda’s 65 tribes express similar themes through dance, drumming, and songs each does so with it’s own distinctiveness. The music of each particular culture reflects the unique elements of the people living in those realities.

The reality of life for musicians in Uganda is particularly perilous, and there is a danger that as they die out their music will die with them.

Through telling the story of Musical Uganda through the eyes of Samuel Bakkabulindi Bakka2thesource will bring awareness to the rich cultural heritage that we long to preserve.

In May-June of 2015, Bakka2thesource travelled to Uganda to film and record the music of the Buganda, Busoga, Acholi, and Arua Tribes. These field recordings and interviews of musicians completed stage one in the production of this documentary.