B2S Productions

Working with musicians to restore the traditional music and instruments in Uganda

This project is designed to create Global Initiative Educational and Performance opportunities for schools, colleges, universities and other venues, featuring the traditional musicians, music, instruments, and dances of Uganda East Africa.

Through a combination of paid and volunteer partnerships between Uganda, the United States, and Canada we will promote cross-cultural awareness and understanding, while preserving the endangered livelihoods of Ugandan traditional musicians, instrument makers, and dancers. Many of who are unable to support themselves or their families.

Courses (such as the Hear, Listen, and See Musical Adventure created by Bakka2thesource), workshops, artist in resident, and mentoring opportunities are planned for children and adults of all ages throughout the US and Canada. Carefully planned and implemented experiences are offered to enhance understanding of our lives within a broader context, while sharing the rich cultural heritage of Ugandan music with the world.

We hope you will consider joining our efforts to bring these talented musicians to perform and return home with income that will support families and communities.

B2S Productions Testimonials

  • siragye_group
    Siragye Kirimungo

    Siragye Kirimungo, from Bukoona Busoga, is a Kalimba player, singer, composer, and leader of Adaaga Naalya. He expresses his gratitude to Bakka2thesource for transparency of intentions, commitment to the process of bringing musicians together, and keeping this music alive.

  • john_ssempke
    Sekitoleko Ssempeke John

    Sekitoleko Ssempeke John, son of the late Albert Sempeke, and an accomplished Endongo player is motivated by Bakka2thesource to “cry harder” an expression that in Luganda means being inspired to deepen the connection to the mystery beneath the music. John looks forward to traveling to perform with Bakka2thesource in upcoming performances.

  • chief_ombidi
    Chief Charles Ombidi

    Chief Charles Ombidi of the Arur tribe in Panyimur tells us that so many people have come making promises only to bring disappointment due to a lack of follow through. In light of Bakka2thesources commitment and follow through with Roggers The Chief predicts that Bakka2thesource will succeed where many others have failed.

  • nakayima

    Nakayima, one of Buganda’s most authentic singers, stated that Bakka2thesource is doing what we have been waiting for to put up a collective thing while we are still alive and to benefit the generation to come by keeping this music alive.

  • nakibembe_xylophone_group
    Nakibembe Xylphone Group

    From Bugweri County said that they had lost trust and faith in the empty promises of people who have recorded their music for decades, only to end up time and again empty handed. They had reached a state where they had felt no one would ever be allowed to record them again, but because we had experienced nearly the same pain and the same fate they were encouraged by the fact that Bakka2thesource is trying to make a difference. Although we could not pay them anywhere near what they are worth, they felt the effort to give an honorarium that was fair went a long way to repairing some of the damage that had been done. The troupe is hopeful that something wonderful will come out of our collaboration.

  • achayo
    Achayo Margaret

    Margaret Achayo a most talented dancer of Acholi Troupe is thankful to Bakka2thesource for bringing the musical traditions together to perform.

  • nebbi_cultural
    Nebbi Cultural Troupe

    Nebbi Cultural Troupe of Nyaravur(Northern Uganda)works very hard and are looking forward to traveling abroad and share their talents with Bakka2thesource

  • ssalongo
    Ssalongo Ssennoga-Majwala

    Ssalongo Ssennoga-Majwala, a Buganda Enanga player and mentored and beloved by Muzeeyi Ssebwufu feels that he had lost hope of keeping some of these instruments such as the Enenga and Ntenga alive. He states that due to the plans of Bakka2thesource to bring these artists and their music to the world that hope has been rekindled in him.