About Bakka2theSource

Bakka2thesource, founded by Ugandan Master Percussionist Samuel Bakkabulindi, and cofounded by Beth Zwecher LICSW, is a collaboration of artists and musicians, sharing unique and powerful gifts for the purpose of celebrating the Glory of God through music and song. Our mission is to promote and facilitate cross cultural understanding and awareness between Indigenous music and the world. Our goal is to use our stewardship of financial resources, beginning in the country of Uganda, to educate children, restore musical instruments that are in danger of becoming extinct, while insuring that the people who play them are able to provide for the needs of their families.


  • siragye_group
    Siragye Kirimungo

    Siragye Kirimungo, from Bukoona Busoga, is a Kalimba player, singer, composer, and leader of Adaaga Naalya. He expresses his gratitude to Bakka2thesource for transparency of intentions, commitment to the process of bringing musicians together, and keeping this music alive.

  • john_ssempke
    Sekitoleko Ssempeke John

    Sekitoleko Ssempeke John, son of the late Albert Sempeke, and an accomplished Endongo player is motivated by Bakka2thesource to “cry harder” an expression that in Luganda means being inspired to deepen the connection to the mystery beneath the music. John looks forward to traveling to perform with Bakka2thesource in upcoming performances.

  • chief_ombidi
    Chief Charles Ombidi

    Chief Charles Ombidi of the Arur tribe in Panyimur tells us that so many people have come making promises only to bring disappointment due to a lack of follow through. In light of Bakka2thesources commitment and follow through with Roggers The Chief predicts that Bakka2thesource will succeed where many others have failed.

  • nakayima

    Nakayima, one of Buganda’s most authentic singers, stated that Bakka2thesource is doing what we have been waiting for to put up a collective thing while we are still alive and to benefit the generation to come by keeping this music alive.

  • Shanitah
    Nabbale Shanitah

    Nabbale Shanitah, our youngest Bambi Uganda student is the late Muzeeyi Ssebuwufu’s grandaughter, who he was paying school fees for. At the time of his death Bakka2thesource stepped in to continue his legacy by reinforcing his dream for her to be educated. She continues to be vibrant, funny, and outgoing little girl who boldly sang to us in her sweet angelic voice on Christmas eve, “Thank you Senga Beth” (auntie) for everything we do and remembering us everywhere she goes.

  • nakibuuka
    Zulufa Nakibuuka

    Zulufa is doing beautifully. She is very very happy in her school and feels that she can not imagine where her life would be if Bakka2thesource had not stepped in and saved her from early marriage. She is feeling like a proper young woman of integrity who is very proud to take her small Christmas money to help support her elderly father and family who she is visiting over school break in her village.

  • samuel
    Nkwanga Samuel

    Nkwanga Samuel, the young boy whose father hanged himself has been promoted to primary 7. His report indicates that he has done very well in 3 of 4 subjects. Generally, he too feels his life has now changed and his guardian stated that “Samuel now has a “father” in Bakka2thesource and is no longer an orphan.”

  • gabriel
    Wabbi Gabriel

    Gabriel has gotten a very good report. He is doing well in all subjects and was promoted to primary 5. The teacher’s report is very encouraging and he is described as generally very happy because he is no longer worried now that Bakka2thesource has changed his life by paying his school fees.

  • kamya
    Kamya Latif

    Kamya Latif is a quiet young man who is promoted to senior 4. He is a determined individual who wants to be a lawyer.

  • najib
    Kirumira Najib

    Najib is Bakka2thesource’s chief ambassador, he enjoys taking Roggers under his wing and teaching him new things. He is avery thoughtful and expressive boy.